Best Startup Development Services to turn your idea into reality

You have an idea, but looking for a techie team to work with you so that you can implement your idea? Don’t worry, most of the entrepreneurs would have been once in such situation you are currently in. But, what unique they did? They looked up for a solution. They looked for a team to work with them. Yes, and We at Strivemindz offers you the similar sense of support so that you can achieve your goals and turn down your idea into reality.

The way Amazon, Apple, Walmart are listed, you can also develop your idea into a brand. Developing a mobile application for your idea is one of best ways to convert your exceptional and creative business idea into a successful brand that is serving the needs of the society.

Our team comprises of experienced professionals, who are expert in providing the work as per the market requirement. The best part of our team isthat they our available 24*7 for their client to hold their back in every critical situation thereby promising you to provide a helping hand in the whole journey of success.


Our Startup App Development Services

Our professionals have invested lot of their time to know what it takes to build future-proof mobile applications for startups on Android, iOS, and Web platforms. Their experience also recommends the right approach for custom native and hybrid app development by evaluating your product features.

Our app developers design and code apps using the latest development technologies such as:

  • Swift
  • React Native
  • Kotlin
  • Flutter
and many others. We are well-versed in the traditional Objective-C and Java languages.

We are always there to support you. We can help you in upgrading your existing app for the latest OS updates and new development customizations. We hold expertise in integrating new innovative features based on AI, ML, IoT, AR, Blockchain, Wallet, and more to make your mobile app more feature-rich and engaging.

We understand that you started with an MVP of your product and now you are focusing to add new functionalities to have a better engagement ratio on your application. Our developers also tend to make your code scalable so that your app is future-ready.

Being an experienced startup app development company, we understand the requirements for a seamless app user experience. Our test engineers and QA team employ manual and automation testing techniques to dig out bugs and issues from your mobile app and fix them to make your app completely bug-free.

We are also proficient in improving the security your app and user data. Our product engineers make your app’s source code secure,add high-level user authentication, implement authorized APIs, encrypt user data, and follow industry-best practices to protect your app’s data from unwanted sources such as hackers.

We understand the importance of keeping your mobile app up and efficiently running. Our app maintenance experts integrate the right app monitoring tools to keep a track on your app’s performance and boost it if required, thereby do their best to keep the load balancing of app resources. Being a startup app development company, we help you to keep your app’s content fresh and updated, analyse user behaviour, fix new and existing bugs instantly, help you enhance your app’s user experience, and a lot more.

Allow Our Startup App Developers to Help
You Grow from a Startup to a Thriving Business.

Why you should work with us?

We work in a pattern that can fill if there is any void in your idea.

  • Understanding and Analysing your idea’s requirement.
  • Defining Scope for an MVP or complete app product.
  • Wireframing and Prototyping.
  • Mobile App’s UI/UX Design.
  • Project Management and Development.
  • Third-Party API Integrations into Mobile/Web Apps.
  • Manual, Automated, and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Integration of Best App Monitoring and Analytics Tools.
  • App Publishing on the App Stores.
  • App Marketing and User Data Analysis for App Enhancement.
  • Mobile App Maintenance and Support.

Benefits You’ll Enjoy with Startup App Development

Our mobile app development team works continuously to help you grow your startup business and boost your ROIs with an agile MVP approach.

Attract Investors Easily

The MVP of your product helps your startup attract more investors by showing them the potential and viability of your mobile app.

Early App Testing and User Feedback

The MVP of your app allows for early testing of your app’s viability and gathers user feedback for further app enhancements.

Lower Cost and Risk

One can use the MVP to convince investors about his/her startup's viability and potential by showing them how the product works.

Progressive Addition of Features

Focusing on the essential features initially, MVP leaves room for adding new features progressively later after it is launched.


What is our approach?

We are moving forward with the aim of making every app the ultimate app. You can get yourself a customised app or a basic app, it doesn’t matter, just rest assured that whatever app it may be, we try to make it such that it is in a class of its own. The user interface, user experience and everything, we try to make it as sophisticated as possible. Our aim is to become the best app development startup that helps new businesses grow digitally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mobile app support team is quick to respond to any issue faced by you and provide guidance on resolving it.
The maintenance team is always working on removing the bugs that might hamper your app’s user experience. They will assist you to resolve any issue that you might face.
As soon as our developers will roll out any new feature or remove some bugs, you will be informed about the updates instantly.

Innovative Technologies

We layout a strong and efficient foundation for cognitive business by working with rapidly evolving complex technologies and everyday growing business environment to offer an excellent project performance.


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