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Strivemindz is a leading on-demand social networking app development company that matches users’ specifications and requirements. We build the efficient social networking custom solutions are enriched with features into traditional web development solutions, entertain corporate culture with social capabilities, build expert community portals and convert social networking ideas into applications.

Our team utilizes the latest tools & skills to build social media apps, dating apps and social community development applications with amazing features. A perfect market strategy for creating shared value requires an efficient technology basics to enable user active participation and contribution. Developers of Strivemindz develops complex platforms that are co-creative and social networking engines that enables user to actively participate through extensions, add-ons, skins, templates, or any other further services or components that are required.

Strivemindz feel dilightful to offer a complete range of solutions adhered to technology that exposes your business to the large social media audiences, starting from very simple social login and implementing of social media publishing to complete CRM solutions used for monitoring, tracking social media trends.

Our Expertise

Custom Social Networking

We at Strivemindz are strategically using AI to build a highly personalized and user experience through tools such as chatbots and virtual assistants, making interactions between users and brands with no interuptions. In order to improve the engagement rate for the users with features of Augmented Reality such as AR Camera effects.

Social Network Analytics

Our advanced social analytics solutions to help gather data from social media websites and mobile applications, analyze data to make business decisions, as well as compare various business strategies. For precise and accurate social network analytics we incorporate modern technologies and modules, etc.

Custom Facebook Apps

We offer comprehensive custom Facebook applications that allow you to get full-service development and implementation services and solutions to reach out to the niche clientele on Facebook social networking sites effortlessly. Facebook is huge market; therefore, our invincible apps allow you to capture a huge customer base.

Messaging Apps

Instant messaging has spread like wildfire. And we develop messaging apps that are as hot as fire – loaded with customization features, emojis, GIF sharing, and file-sharing of any type, etc. With these features and responsive designs make our messaging applications stand out from the rest and grab attention.

Photo / Video Sharing

Applications like Instagram and Snapchat are a perfect example of photo and video sharing application. At Strivemindz, we offer you exactly the same social media application with all the features of Instagram and Snapchat with even more exciting features that make sure engage users in great user experience.

Social Publishing Platforms

Our wide range of customizable social publishing platform helps you to get social media application that works as blogging and micro-blogging platform that allows users to create and publish text content with media files. Apart from blogging these applications also allow users to make friends and chat, and many more features.

Online Polling & Reviews

Polling is a great way to organize any sort of research. And polling also grabs the attention of many users online and they are likely to get engaged in such polls as well. Our comprehensive and attractive online polls and reviews web and mobile applications take it to the next level with intuitive designs and a great UX/UI experience.

Social eCommerce (Group Buying)

Social eCommerce is a phenomenal place to buy things at lower prices. Group buying or Collective buying is the process where sellers sell products at lower prices if a certain number of buyers buy the product. We develop these applications that enhance the overall group buying experience witch stunning design and higher security.

Dating Portal Development

Dating portals are a great way to connect with a compatible person. To amplify the experience of users we design and develop dating portals that are feature-rich, and provide great control over their profiles while providing a great user engagement that boosts brand awareness and increases profit by maximizing user base.

Discussion Forums

Discussion forums are some of the great platforms where people can join and talk about a particular topic in a group chat environment. At Strivemindz develop and design discussion forums that boost user engagement with the help of smart and intuitive tools and feature that people would love to use.

Q&A Platforms

Q&A are great platforms for not only those who are seeking answers to their questions but also for those individuals who are looking forward to growing their online presence by sharing their knowledge and answering the questions. Strivemindz designs and develops new-gen Q&A applications are platforms.

Community Portals

Yet another great platform for engaging communities in large quantities. Our experienced developers and designer deliver you phenomenal community portals that packed with modern features and functionalities and scalability options that enhance the experience for both users and admins as well.

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Strivemindz Advantage

Accessible Solutions

Our development and designing experts brilliantly alleviate the business challenges and put the technology to the best use that is uncomplicated and straight forward.

Personalized to the Core

We build, develop, and design web & mobile apps that are custom made only for one’s specific goals to gain optimal outcomes in all your endeavours.

Substantial Degree of Support

strivemindz leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing absolute and relentless client support to embellish their overall experience.

Multichannel Approach

Our multichannel approach facilitates businesses to stretch their wings everywhere irrespective of any device platforms (Android, iOS, AR/VR, IoT, etc.)

Extensive Adaptiveness

We understand growth and alterations are extremely essential for your business. Therefore, we offer your company solutions that accommodate to changes very smoothly.

New Age Technology

We have always been prepared to tackle your next idea or vision with our new age technologies – AR/VR, blockchain, cloud computing, IoT, AI, etc.

High-Quality Evaluation

By collaborating with us, you are assured of the world-class quality of digital products you receive. You can blindly trust and have faith in the solutions we provide for the betterment of your company.

Infrastructural Security

At strivemindz, we leverage only verified and trusted tools and security assents so that you can proliferate your business without concern for safety issues.

Mobile apps spanning a range of industries

Our team majors in providing an exclusive wide range of industry verticals and niches. Always keep in mind to consider strivemindz if you ever come down to build an application as it is the best suitable match for you. We offer all possible techniques and equipment including advanced App Development Solutions for all of your development needs. We understand every company’s troubles thoroughly and are therefore geared towards the flourishing success of your products.

Innovative Technologies

We layout a strong and efficient foundation for cognitive business by working with rapidly evolving complex technologies and everyday growing business environment to offer an excellent project performance.


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