Next-Gen SharePoint Application Solutions

Initially, SharePoint was supposed to act as an efficient management system. With time, SharePoint has grown into a proficient and scalable content management system. The main function of SharePoint is to help businesses in producing most impactful and effective content or sharing of document and a collaboration platform for work. We at Strivemindzuse SharePoint to bring the best out of your business and ideas.

You can hire SharePoint developers from Strivemindz, who will help you in producing better and customized content. Our developers focus on your needs so that you can have the most customizable SharePoint platform set for your business. It will allow you to expand as a business and reach out to audience in a better way. Our services are reliable, place your trust in us, we will ensure you get the best service.

SharePoint Development Solution

Business Workflow Management

With the help our developers of SharePoint, small businesses and ventures can easily acquire an effective and easy functioning workflow. SharePoint Development offers the opportunity of connecting with other business even on a different platform. This will result in better collaboration thereby improving the business on whole.

User CMS Development

Our developers can provide you with customized SharePoint content management system as per your business requirement. Our services are available for both start-ups as well as established businesses so that they can work more comfortably and have easy management solutions for their difficult business challenges. We take the load off your shoulder and increase the productivity of your business. Our CMS is flexible and easily manageable.

Document Management

We guide several business enterprises to handle their data-extensive document with the help of SharePoint document management solutions. These solutions are cost effective and they offer easy and effective document management. Our security features are focused on keeping your documents safe and secure.

Reporting Collaboration

Our SharePoint Development provides a convenient and accurate reporting collaboration that might help your business. With the help SharePoint development, you can easily make smarter and beneficial decisions that might result in smooth and effective collaboration with other business. Better Collaborations will definitely give a spark to our target audience.

Intranet Portal Development

With the help of an Intranet Portal, you can totally restructure and renovate your methods of working together. Strivemindz help you have a much organized Intranet Portal that will execute your workflow without any flaws or security issues. Our efficient Intranet Portal smoothens your working methods and document managements as well.

SharePoint Migration Solutions

Our main focus is to help you achieve your desired goals for the business, with the help of SharePoint development. Because that can be useful in improving productivity, CMS and effective document management. You can take decisions which will be beneficial for your brand.

Web Portal Development

You can use our SharePoint Web Portal Development that consist of many features which will help in boosting your productivity and bring more traffic to your business. The features of this Web Portal Development are powerful, engaging, filled with easy management options, secure, light weight and fast platform that is totally depend on the needs of your business I.e., it is also customizable.

SharePoint WebParts Development

If you have any specific vision for your business, our SharePoint WebParts Development will be magnificently helpful for you. Our developers use leverage Visual Studio to make a customized webparts. These webparts will help you give your site new and updated functions and features.

SharePoint BI Solution

The SharePoint Business Intelligence Solution facilities are most functional and reliable use of SharePoint Development. It helps in taking more logical decisions for the benefit of the company by improving the content and document management along with reporting features. This opens up the gate for better improvement of the business.

Why SharePoint?

  • Provides better and efficient Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Enhances workflow Collaborations
  • Helps in secure Document Management
  • Content Management System (CMS) is on point
  • Security of data and document
  • Flexible options for customization
  • Manage Corporate business risk
  • Efficient plan for enterprise-level development

SharePoint Development Process



It needs accumulation of the required gatherings and specified idea of Vision and Scope of the business. Also, remember to have an idea on SRS & SAD and project schedule.

Prototype and Design

In this step, we need to figure out a wireframe design for the SharePoint. And then implement those, along with exploring the possible changes. It ends with the evaluation of UX/UI



For the development of a SharePoint we require front-end coding, back-end coding, 3rd party integration and cloud integration.



Before presenting the designed SharePoint to the client it goes through tests. That includes unit coding test, bug fixes, finishing touches and quality assurance.


The finished SharePoint is launched on App Stores. First UAT & feedbacks are taken, then app deployment happens and finally the finished product i.e., the SharePoint is launched on App Stores and delivered to the client.

Why you should choose us?

We have tried our best to help you make the right decision for your business.

  • Put your goals at our top priority
  • Make reporting collaboration easy
  • Understand your requirement and working
  • Give you strategic ideas to improve content management and document handling
  • Provide with webparts, web portal development and Business intelligence options with the SharePoint as well
  • Customize our features as per your need

Mobile apps spanning a range of industries

Our team majors in providing an exclusive wide range of industry verticals and niches. Always keep in mind to consider strivemindz if you ever come down to build an application as it is the best suitable match for you. We offer all possible techniques and equipment including advanced App Development Solutions for all of your development needs. We understand every company’s troubles thoroughly and are therefore geared towards the flourishing success of your products.

Innovative Technologies

We layout a strong and efficient foundation for cognitive business by working with rapidly evolving complex technologies and everyday growing business environment to offer an excellent project performance.


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