In addition to this, we aim to provide you vetted and proficient resources as per your demands. We have a series of services using Zend Framework that you can opt-in as per your requirements. Strivemindz’s developers and programmers stands out of the crowd, as they tend to work as per your convenience, communicating with you in your language, thereby developing quality products in less time.
None of your queries, would ever go in disdain and our team would be ready to help you any time. Keeping these insights in mind, let us connect and start working on turning your idea into reality.

Zend framework Development Services We Provide

The Zend framework developers at Strivemindz are dedicated to providing our customers the most effective Zend framework Development solutions using the perfect combination of skills and technology. We have over five years of experience and we have established our name in the industry. We have worked with several small and established businesses.

  • web-development
    Web Application Development

    Our dedicated and trained Zend framework developers can help you create a customized, dynamic and well-designed PHP app. Using the Zend framework can be quite helpful for growth in your business.

  • API Development
    API Development

    API development with Zend Framework will enable easy and increased growth of your web application as a whole. It also improves cross-technology integration. We offer API development with Zend Framework to ensure that your business can reach up to a larger audience.

  • Bug Fixes
    Issues and Bug Fixes

    Our Zend Framework developers can resolve any issues related to bugs or errors in the Zend framework code. This service can be availed anytime during the development or even after the development of the project.

  • Migration and Upgradation
    Migration and Upgradation

    If you have any existing web application that requires migration or upgradation, we are here to help. Our team of Zend framework developers will sort all the issues and upgrade your existing web application to a better version.

  • code review

    We believe in customer satisfaction and we prioritize their needs even after delivering the project. If you need any functional, technical maintenance or code review reach out to us and we will be there to help.

Skillset of our Zend Framework Developers

  • Zend framework

    Expertise in Zend framework and Zend engine

  • PHP

    Experience in PHP 5 and PHP Unit 3.0

  • App designing

    Intelligent database management with systems like MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, etc

  • HTML5

    Expertise in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

  • development Requirements

    Ability to elicit requirements

Our Work Process

We have a quite simple hiring and work process. In order to connect with us, fill in the website form with basic customer details like your name, email and contact number. In will reach out to you as soon as possible. You can also connect with us via email or message.

  • 1.Project Ideas

    Share a detailed version of your project idea so that we can get a clear understanding of your needs and requirements. This also helps us to plan ahead and search for the perfect solution for you.

  • 2.Research and analysis

    We start high-level research and analysis as soon as we acquire all the necessary details. By screening your requirements, we analyze what procedure should be followed during development. This step also deals with building a rough prototype of the development process of the project.

  • 3.Screening resumes and interview

    We provide you with shortlisted resumes, based on your requirements and our expertise. You can schedule an interview with the candidates and select someone who will fit the best for you and your project

  • 4.Development Process

    The development process includes framework, design and creation of a fully-functional web application. Our Zend framework developers use the latest technological tools for building the project. We update the progress report to the client on regular basis and take their feedback about the project.

  • 5.Testing and Delivery

    Before the launch of the web application, the developed project is run through a series of tests for quality assurances. Once the project has qualified the tests and it is completely error-free we deliver the project to you for the launch. Even after the launch, we support you through any crisis or technical issue that might occur.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The timeframe of development of any Zend project majorly depends on the needs of client and sprint size. It is also recommended to check the features that are to be included in the project, because they also impact the cost of development.
Here at Strivemindz we use latest and agile methodologies to find the best end-to-end solution customized for all our clients. We are a team of over 50 developers, who are dedicated to help our customers in every possible way and grow their business.
We have certain project management tools, and with their help we arrange meetings on regular basis to update about the development process to our clients. We also expect their insight and feedback so that we can continue working or make necessary changes before moving to next step.
We are one of the leading agencies in the workplace and we assure of quality and timely delivery of each and every project. You can expect the following benefits of working with us: i.Best Price ii.Data Security iii.Remarkable Results Breaching in each of your requirements, we can provide you with best proposal that can support your budget and help you come up with best product.

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