We are one of the leading agencies in the market for hiring Vue.js developers. We deliver quality services to all our clients. We have worked with several startups as well as established businesses and have delivered the best results.
JavaScript framework vue.js is widely used for creating powerful and interactive user interfaces and developing single web and mobile applications. We at Strivemindz, implement the right strategic approach to offer a wide spectrum of Vue.js development services to suit your requirements at most competitive prices.

Our Vue.js Development Services

Our Vue.js developers & Programmers are dedicated to providing our customers the most effective Development Services & solutions for their business, using the best technological tools. We build scalable, responsive and user-friendly mobile and web apps.

  • Custom Application Development
    Custom Application Development

    Our main development services include custom application development. Our Vue.js developers are well equipped with feature-rich tools and technologies that help us in creating the perfect web or mobile application for your business and as per your requirements.

  • Single Page App
    Single Page App Development

    We understand the different ideas and expectations of your clients, so we are open to delivering all kinds of development services including Single Page App development. Our Vue.js developers hold years of experience and training to deliver quality projects.

  • Real-time App Development
    Real-time Application Development

    If you require an application that functions within a timeframe, then Strivemindz is the ideal result for you. Our Vue.js developers offer real-time application development that is highly responsive and feature-rich.

  • Vue.js Migration Services
    Vue.js Migration Services

    Our development services also include migration of an already built web or mobile application from one platform to another. We are here to help you raise the standard and bar of your website with the help of different tools and technologies so that your business can thrive.

  • Maintenance
    Maintenance and Upgradation

    We have kept in touch with all our clients over the years. If you need any services for maintenance and upgradation of any project, we will be there to help.

Skillset of Our Vue.js Developers

  • Vue.js Developers

    Work experience with Kotlin

  • HTML and CSS

    Significant experience with HTML and CSS

  • Optimum quality of code

    Deeper approach in XML, JSON, and YAML

  • JavaScript logistics

    Good understanding of JavaScript logistics

  • Expertise over Git

    Expertise over Git

...and much more!

Hire Vue.js Developers

Our Work Procedure

We follow a simple and systematic approach to the hiring and development process. In order to connect with us, fill in our website form with basic information like name, contact number, email address etc. You can also drop a message or mail at our email address and we will reach out to you in the first 24 hours.

  • Project Analysis
    Project Analysis

    We require detailed information of your project idea and requirement so that we can look for the best high-end solution customized for your business. Based on your information, we can decide which important factors we must take into account when developing the project and whether or not it falls under our expertise.

  • development-testing
    Select CVs

    We shortlist the CVs of our top developers according to your needs and their expertise. You can select the developer or team of developers, whatever works best for your project and business.

  • successful-delivery
    Interview and Hire

    We schedule interviews with our shortlisted Vue.js developers as per your convenience. If you hire someone from our pool of developers, we immediately sign a contract and NDA, so that we can start working on your project as soon as possible.

  • img
    Development and Testing

    The development process starts with building a framework and prototype. Our clients are provided updates about the development and progress of the project through meetings. All their insights are taken into consideration before moving forward with the next step of development. After completion of the project, it is run through a series of tests to ensure its quality. This also helps in checking the features and functions of the project before actually making it accessible for your clients.

  • Support and Maintenance
    Support and Maintenance

    Our Vue.js developers are determined to provide quality services to each of our clients. Even after the launch of the project, we stay in touch with our clients so that we can help them with any future upgradation and maintenance. If you require any kind of assistance from us regarding any technical issue at any point, just give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can hire Vue.js developers according to your needs and requirements. We have different hiring models that have different pricing models as well. You can hire our Vue.js developers on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis as per your needs. And the cost of hiring also depends on features that are to be included in the project.
Strivemindz is one of the leading agencies in the technical world for development and consultation services. We have a team of over 50 developers who are determined to provide the most suitable services to each of our clients. Our developers are highly-skilled and experienced in their respective fields.
Hiring dedicated developers can be very beneficial for your business as dedicated developers work with the highest optimization. Also, it offers a flexible hiring model, cost effective services, higher output, special skill sets and an easy to understanding solutions to all your questions.
The cost of development of an Vue.js mobile or web application cannot be fixed. The cost generally depends on the technology used and the features that are added to the website. You can consult with our team expert for an exact evaluation of the cost of development.

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