Is your website and app running smoothly and fast, or do you face problems with its speed? If you answered the latter, then hiring QA Experts for optimization and enhancement of your website is a wise decision. Strivemindz offers quality assurance and analysis services. Our Quality Assurance Experts ensure that you deliver the best service to your users. Below are some of our best features.
We offer flexible hiring models and depending on your budget and requirements, you can choose a plan. Strivemindz is committed to helping you build a successful business app. We are focused to help your business grow. For any query or details contact us via message, call or email.

Analysis & Quality Assurance Services

Following are the services are those we provide.

  • Manual Testing
    Manual Quality Assurance Testing

    WUsing our manual test techniques, we ensure each step is checked closely. Once the errors are found and resolved, the project can be delivered.

  • mobile Solutions
    Testing Mobile Automation

    Our Quality Assurance team reassures every feature of your project by applying automated testing techniques. This certifies that it is 100% bug-free.

  • Performance testing
    Performance Testing

    Tests are conducted by our team before delivering to the client, in order to ensure that the product works smoothly and seamlessly. This enables us to get the idea of the effective functioning of your website.

  • Quality Assurance
    Expert Quality Assurance Consultation

    Strivemindz provides customers with the best QA solutions that are available. We are dedicated to improve your services an increase traffic for your business. To increase revenue, it is important to deliver quality service, and we are here to consult and provide you with top-notch advices.

Below are some of our best features

  • JavaScript Experience

    Hiring QA developers

  • JAVA experience

    +5 Years of Experience

  • MVC framework

    Testing mobile applications

  • JSON

    Testing of web applications

  • Node.JS

    Services for manual testing

  • Node.JS

    Automated Testing Services

Why should you hire us?

We provide clients with effective solutions that make their success chart grow by providing them with a perfectly balanced combination of manual and automation skills. Strivemindz provides services that are error-free and offer optimal services to meet your budget.

  • Technical Expertise

    A team of skilled QA experts works with the latest technologies and frameworks. Our QA Experts are adamant for providing flawless, robust, and swift service. Our customers and their benefit are our first priority.

  • Hire Software Testing Teams

    At Strivemindz, you can hire our QA experts so that you can receive quality assurance which does not require further checking or testing. We offer premium service for all our clients.

  • Expert Consultation for Free

    Furthermore, we offer free consultations about the latest techniques available in the market

  • Security & NDA

    Using cryptography techniques ensures the security of every client's information. Additionally, we signed non-disclosure agreements that protect our clients' information and certify the uniqueness of our project.

  • Ownership of source code

    Authenticated source code is provided from reliable sources. Our developers are trained and they deliver authentic code that can be used for cross-platform apps.

  • Communications Channels

    Regardless of which social media or video conferencing app our client prefers, we guarantee their reliability. We make sure that you can be connected with us all throughout the process. In this way we also get your valuable insight regarding the changes.

  • Comprehensive Quality Assurance Testing

    We thoroughly test the product utilizing the latest technologies and tools. Through this we aim to achieve quality results at once so that we can move to further process.

  • Service & Maintenance

    Even after the project is completed, we provide maintenance and support. Even after a project is submitted, we continue to update our techniques. If you face any issue, ping us immediately and we’ll be there to help.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions by our clients.

Strivemindz has a variety of hiring plans that can be adapted to fit your needs. Our experts and developers generally, work under the company but customer insight and feedback are always acknowledged.
There is a good chance that this won't happen because we update our reports each day. Following the addition of every minute feature, we request feedback from clients. This proves we work for our client’s satisfaction.
Contact can be made through any social networking app you are comfortable with. Moreover, you will receive daily updates from the project leader and will be asked for feedback so that you can contact them whenever you have a question.

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