Simply and categorically being one of the biggest brands in the IT Sector we have come here with an aim to innovate by turning your ideas into reality. From small task to big task our managerial skills can make it easy go-ahead for you. Yes, get the best managers in your team and make us your business partner we will render you with best results.

We Offers Project Management Services

Strivemindz is one of the leading agencies for hiring developers and Project Managers as well. Our professional project managers hold strong technical skills and solid understanding of software development. We have worked with several small and big ventures over time. We are experienced in our field and have gained the trust of over customers. We deliver optimum services. Mentioned below range of services, get acclaimed with the best one for you.

  • IT Project Management
    IT Project Management

    IT projects are difficult to manage due to lack of resources and experiences. Strivemindz offers skilled and trained Project Managers who have first-hand experience with top quality hardware/software resources. Our project managers provide expert technical support to all our clients.

  • Project Management Methodology
    Project Management Methodology

    We work with brands and companies on their terms. Our project managers have assigned role and responsibilities while working within an organization.

  • Project Management Mentors
    Project Management Mentors

    Our Project Managers also work as mentors. If you need project managers who can look over and handle any project while working with any subordinates, we are here to help.

  • Project Consultancy
    Project Consultancy

    We also offer consultancy services. Our specialized project management services help guide your business through projects efficiently with expert advice and provide support during every phase

Hire the most efficient Project Managers can help you manage projects and development services for your business. Strivemindz’s developer team is made up of the top-ranked Project Managers in the field, with standard development experience and quality solutions.

Why should you work with us?

Strivemindz is one of the most reputed names in the industry for hiring project managers. We have a team of highly skilled, dedicated, trained and proficient developers who are apt in delivering quality services.

  • flexible-development
    Improved Communication

    We have open-source communication for both ends. We make sure that our clients can connect with us as per their convenience.

  • seamless-integrations
    Expert Support

    Extensive support from our project managers helps your business to develop the base it needs to succeed, with the help of Project Management support systems, extensive training and mentoring programs and methodology development tools.

  • professionals
    Long-term Solutions

    We work effortlessly towards building more inclusive and effective work models so that we can help businesses ensure long-term success. We believe in thorough training and specialization in the field.

  • customer-satisfaction
    Fast Solutions

    We provide high quality solutions in a considerate amount of time. You get to hire from a flexible hiring model and you can choose project managers as per your requirement.

  • dedicated-management
    Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

    Your feedback is extremely vital to us. We try our best to provide you the most suitable project delivery in limited timeframe.

  • dedicated-management
    Safety and Security

    We place the utmost importance on the security of our customers’ data and project details. We sign an NDA to ensure that all your business projects are kept safe with us.

What makes us the best in market?

We have simple hiring process and different hiring models. You can fill in the enquiry form and you are good to go.

  • 1
     PHP Project Ideas
    Project Enquiry

    Our team immediately reaches out to you after you fill in the enquiry form. Before getting started on the hiring process, we discuss about your demands and expectations from us, so that we can get onboard.

  • 2
    php developer
    Interview and Hire

    We shortlist CVs of our project managers on the basis of your requirements and their expertise. And then we schedule an interview with the shortlisted candidates. You can interview and hire the most suitable candidate for your business.

  • 3
    choose a developer
    Connect and Communicate

    Immediately after the contract we start working. We cover every ground of managing and over viewing the development process from design and framework to final launch of the project. Each step of the development process is updated to the client and their reviews are taken.

  • 4
    developer working hours

    If you need any assistance in the future, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Strivemindz is one of the leading agencies for hiring developers and programmers. We have dedicated Project Managers who have more than 2 years of experience. Our team of developers are well trained and proficient in their work and we believe in delivering quality service to all our clients.

We keep our customers included throughout the development process. You can give your opinion or feedback at each step, so that we can make the necessary changes and improve. This can continue until you are satisfied with the final result.

You can hire developers or project managers from Strivemindz in three different hiring models. Our project managers are available for hiring on hourly, weekly or monthly basis.

Our time strives to provide all important services like issue-resolving on time. For this our team works continuously. Errors have degrading impact on businesses, so we address all queries on time. Our team is diligent about working across various time zones

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