Our team of PHP developers and programmers can work on your project based on our client requirement. We offer PHP Development services that can be customized based on your requirement, be it Full time, Part time, or ad-hoc basis. PHP developers and programmers that are a part of Strivemindz organization share an experience of more than 4 years. They build a roadmap for you, outlining all the required commercials in a slicked pattern. We incept the client’s requirement, project’s complexities, use case and various other notable features and build a proper proposal for our client for better understanding of their investment in us. Features could be dropped as well as new features could be added based on user choice. Interested to know more, get us a free consultation right now.

Strivemindz Offers PHP Programming Services

Our PHP developers from Strivemindz work on custom websites with scalable features, optimize loading times, and migration services to set up a dedicated PHP team for your business. The PHP professionals at our company are dedicated to giving the best solutions using the perfect combination of expert skills and cutting-edge technology.

To provide you with an excellent website with a responsive user interface and excellent performance, our experts work on different contract basis.

  • CRM Development
    CRM Development in PHP

    To build CRM applications for your business, our full stack PHP technicians can be your support team. They will make sure that your specific data analytics and business needs are addressed.

  • Loads quickly
    Loads quickly

    As a company, we have trained our employees to create websites with optimized code so that they give speedy outputs and take the shortest amount of time to perform any feature.

  • custom PHP applications
    Development of custom PHP applications

    With the use of open-source code programming skills, Strivemindz creates apps which can migrate to another platform as per requirements

  • Native App Development
    Native App Development

    Take advantage of paving an amazing success path for your business.

  • Databases compatible
    Databases compatible with PHP

    With exciting features to support you in maintaining database applications. To provide you with better satisfaction, we respond quickly to all your queries, and issues.

  • e-commerce websiteDevelopment
    Development of e-commerce websites

    Build a complete e-commerce website that will allow you to sell your products worldwide.

What Makes Us a Good Candidate

At Strivemindz, developers are trained to develop scalable and budget-friendly solutions as early as possible. Your project will benefit from prompt responses that will add quality. With the advanced features, your business will dominate the market.

  • flexible-development
    Projects with scalability

    We have dedicated marketing team who are there to respond you back in a heed whenever you raise any query regarding the flutter apps.

  • seamless-integrations
    Service & Maintenance

    Using the latest features on your existing projects, we can update them.

  • professionals
    Make Your Own Team

    The client can hire PHP programmers after arranging online interviews and discussing the project's requirements.

  • customer-satisfaction
    Reporting daily, weekly, and monthly

    As per clients' instructions, developers will prepare progress reports. During each step, you can provide feedback.

  • dedicated-management
    Assistance in times of crisis

    We provide you with 24/7 service from our technicians. Following the completion of your website, we will continue updating you on all the latest technology.

  • dedicated-management
    A Dedicated Resource When Needed

    Software developed by our PHP programmers comes with advanced features and is bug-free.

Recruiting Process

The hiring of PHP developers and programmers is as easy as clicking a few buttons. Simply fill out the form on our website to request more information.

  • 1
     PHP Project Ideas
    Project Ideas

    After completing the inquiry form. You will hear from a member of our team within 24 hours to discuss the project interface, design, features, and other things related to the project.

  • 2
    php developer
    Interviewing & screening resumes

    With a video conferencing app, you can interview the developer after discussing your project with them and determine if they have the skills necessary to complete it.

  • 3
    choose a developer
    Selection procedure

    We can assist you with the remaining procedures if you choose a developer for your PHP website

  • 4
    developer working hours
    Terms & Conditions

    There is a description of working hours, salaries, and interfaces in the terms and conditions. The project is on track if the client agrees.

  • 5
    Here we go

    If the procedure has been completed, we are ready to begin the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best proof of our outputs is the number of awards and certificates Strivemindz has received and our popularity in social media. Hence, let's get together now and compete in the growing digital world.

A PHP developer is ready to start the project after completing 5 simple steps in the hiring process.

Programmers can be hired on an hourly, monthly, or yearly basis depending on the duration of the project.

If you need PHP developers permanently, you can hire them. Different plans are available depending on the client's needs.

Additional services that Strivemindz offers include media buying campaigns, PPC campaign management, SEO, social media marketing, Adwords, lead generation campaigns, and more.

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