Unlike normal mobile apps, PhoneGap apps interact with a device’s hardware. Strivemindz offers experienced PhoneGap app developers , who can build customized PhoneGap App for your business and on your terms. Our developer unit covers all the bases of your unique business requirement in a definite time-frame. We deliver the best results for all kinds of PhoneGap development services for different brands as well.

We are one of the leading agencies in the market for hiring PhoneGap App developers, and our records can vouch for that. Our customers are our first priority.

Our PhoneGap App Development Services

The PhoneGap apps we develop are customized to build on specific mobile platform as per the customer’s demand. We take care of everything, from layout or framework of the PhoneGap App to custom app delivery.

  • develop PhoneGap apps
    Custom PhoneGap App Development

    Our team can develop PhoneGap apps based on the details and specifics provided by you, that will fit the best for your business. We have services to customize and integrate high-quality, flexible and secure apps. Our experienced developers for PhoneGap app development use best practices that conforms to W3C technologies.

  • PhoneGap App Consulting
    PhoneGap App Consulting

    Our PhoneGap consulting experts can help you find the right technique and technological aspects to build the perfect PhoneGap App for your business. The consulting services includes reviewing and fixing errors during and after the development of the app.

  • PhoneGap App for iOS and Android
    PhoneGap App for iOS and Android

    The experts at Strivemindz have experience in building platform for mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry etc. As PhoneGap Apps are dependent on the hardware of the platform that they are used on so along with the platform, we also have different categories such as business, games, music, travel, tools, healthcare and entertainment.

  • Existing PhoneGap App
    Upgrading Existing PhoneGap App

    We also help customers with the pre-developed apps that need to be upgraded or customized. From changing the integrated performance to improving security, we have got everything covered.

  • PhoneGap App Integration
    PhoneGap App Integration

    Just like android apps or iOS apps, we also provide PhoneGap App integration. We provide access to data and functionality from independently designed application through single user interface or application services.

Skills of PhoneGap App Developers

  • Expertise in JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming

    Expertise in JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming

  • Competency in HTML5 and CSS3 coding

    Competency in HTML5 and CSS3 coding

  • Exposure-to-PhoneGap-Plugins

    Exposure to PhoneGap Plugins

  • honeGap API working

    Detailed information of PhoneGap API working

  •  presentation ability

    Consistent documentation and presentation ability

  • Event handling abilities

    Event handling abilities

...and much more!

Hire PhoneGap App Developers

Our Work Process

You can easily hire PhoneGap App developers from Strivemindz. Connect with us for the service you need and our team will get in touch with you. We follow a specific work pattern so that we can provide the highest quality services to our clients.

  • 1
    Gaining Insight
    Gaining Insight

    Once we have connected with our client, we start gathering all the significant details and information about their business and what they expect from our service. Our experts constantly work on ideas and strategies so that we can deliver you the best product.

  • 2
    Project Planning
    Project Planning

    After going through the required details of the project, we start brainstorming ideas to find the best suitable solution for your business. If any idea resonates with your business we get to work immediately.

  • 3
    UI/UX Design
    UI/UX Design

    Design and appearance of any app can be an audience driving factor, that will increase engagement. Our team takes the best efforts to make sure that all grounds are covered.

  • 4

    When the design and specifications are decided, then we start building prototype of the app. All the details of the details of the protype are shared with the client, so that they can get the idea of what we are working on and they can inform if they require any changes.

  • 5
    Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance

    Before handing over the project to you, the app runs through a few tests. In this step we simply check for bugs or errors and then fix them.

  • 6
    Deployment and Maintenance
    Deployment and Maintenance

    Finally, we hand over the app to customer when all the tests are qualified. Even after the launch we stay in touch with the clients to make sure that all your technical issues are resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

PhoneGap Apps are easy and fast to access, so they provide desired result in lesser amount of time as compared to any another basic app. PhoneGap apps are approved and trusted by play store as well as app store.

We assign a team of dedicated PhoneGap developers as soon as you decide to work with us. Our team will provide utmost importance to your project and cater all of your needs. We stick by our clients from starting to winding up and even for maintenance of project.

The estimated cost of PhoneGap app development depends on the features that are included in the app. It also depends on your requirements as a business prospect, technological tools that are used in building the app and the time taken.

Yes. We keep our clients involved all throughout the process. So that we can have better knowledge of what you want in the project. You will be informed and kept updated with each of the step. We are here to solve any of query promptly.

Different businesses have different approaches, so one technique cannot fit all. And that is why, we provide different plans of businesses, depending on your portfolio, requirements, and demand. You can choose the service that will fit your criteria the best.

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