Strivemindz is one of the leading agencies for mobile app development. Our mobile app developers have extensive knowledge and are experienced. We are well equipped with advanced tools & technologies so that our apps can match the business requirements. Our developers have worked with several brands and we have delivered top-notch services to them. Our prime focus is to turn your dream app into reality.

Mobile App Development Services We Provide

We provide fully customizable mobile app development services as per your requirements. Our apps are built using top quality tools and the latest technology. We take care of everything from the basic layout of the app to the fully working app that can be launched for customers.

  • Mobile App Design
    Mobile App Design Services

    Our mobile app developer team can cater to your every requirement and need. As developers, our goal is to design apps that are worthy of satisfaction of users. We offer mobile app designing services that are flexible for different platforms. We use UI/UX design for better performance and efficiency.

  • On-Demand App Solution
    On-Demand App Solution

    Our team provides you with an instant app solution if you need one. We focus on customers’ requirements and resolve their issues in no time. Our specialized benefits include customization, in-app chat options, and 24/7 Customer Support

  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions
    Enterprise Mobility Solutions

    It is necessary to adapt to the changing trend and we have done that. We have changed our methods of development to keep up with the latest trends in Web, social media, Cloud and Data Analytics. Our enterprise mobility solutions are based on the research and analysis that our team has done over time.

  • iOS development
    iOS development

    Along with Android app development we can also develop apps for iOS platforms. We make sure that our iOS app is compatible with devices and works efficiently. Our apps are a perfect blend of customer requirements and latest trends. We work to provide a quality experience for your customers

  • AR & VR Apps
    AR & VR Apps

    Our team can develop apps with custom AR & VR. We have brought the idea of AR & VR to reality and we have built next-generation apps.

  • AI based Mobile Apps
    AI based Mobile Apps

    Our AI based Mobile Apps helps in engaging users and fulfilling customer base. In this way, you can explore better opportunities and decision-making through the app.

Skills of Our Mobile App Developers Team

  • Top-quality experience developers

    Top-quality experience working with Kotlin

  • app development process

    Cost and time efficient app development process

  • bug-free apps

    Optimum quality of code for bug-free apps

  • JAVA framework

    Experience with JAVA and its different framework

  • XML, JSON and YAML

    Best approach in XML, JSON and YAML

  • MVX framework

    Proper understanding of MVX framework

...and much more!

Hire Mobile App Developers

Our Work Process

You can easily hire mobile app developers from Strivemindz by just connecting with us. Drop a message or call us and we will reach out to you. We work with commitment and deliver the finished product on time. Our team will guide you through all the significant steps and details that are to be taken care of while working with us. We are also available for our customers.

  • Requirement Analysis

    Requirement Analysis

    Once you have hired our developer/developers we look through your requirement list. This helps in setting the final goal. And we get to know your needs, demands and expectation in detail.

  • Plan the Project

    Plan the Project

    In this step, our team plans the methodology and decides which technologies will be used while creating the app. It also sets a rough timeframe that might be required to finish the app. Once a prototype is set, we take customers’ approval and move onto the next step.

  • App Design

    App Design and Development

    Then our team designs the framework of the app and starts on the development part. Our customers are informed of each step through meetings. And finalize the set of steps to be followed while developing the app.

  • Quality Analysis for app

    Quality Analysis and Testing

    Quality analysis and testing is the part of development of an app. We take a few dry runs of the app, and we fix bugs or rectify errors. This also helps in ensuring that all the features and functions of the app are working properly.

  • Support and Maintenance

    Support and Maintenance

    We keep in touch with our customers. We will assist them if they run into any problems. We provide complete support and maintenance for additional features. If the app requires any functional upgrades, we are happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every mobile app is different from one another and so is the development cost. WE offer our service at genuine prices. The price depends on the features of the app and the tools and technology used for developing that app.
Usually, development of any mobile app takes anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. That depends on the requirements of the user. It also depends on the features and functionalities that are included in the app.
We take the responsibility of submitting the developed app to the app store. Post development and client acceptance, we complete the app store optimization process and publish the app. We also provide maintenance services to our customers.
Yes, you can hire mobile app developers part time for a period of three months. People generally hire part time developers, post delivery of the app, for support and upgrading the features of the app.
We develop mobile apps that are required to be developed in native and cross-platform. Our mobile app developers have good experience in Java, Kotlin, Swift C, React Native and Flutter.

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