Get effective benefits for your business by building a responsive website or application with our Mean Stack Developers and programmers. From design and development to testing, Strivemindz handles MEAN stack development using top-notch technologies including MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. Combined with a reputation for high-quality solutions, our experienced developers provide MEAN stack development services for businesses from SMEs to large enterprises. The companies we serve include healthcare, finance, retail, education, printing, and real estate, to name a few. We develop mobile apps, eCommerce websites, web applications, CMS applications, and we also offer full stack development services.

Services we offer

Providing reliable and customized solutions and development for our customers is our goal. Our Mean Stack Developers are trained and experienced to give the most functional result to each of our clients.

  • Mean Stack Consulting
    Mean Stack Consulting Services

    Our expert Mean Stack Developers can also provide consultation for projects. If you need any solution for any new project or any already built project, our experts will provide the right MEAN solution for you.

  • E-commerce Development
    E-commerce Development

    We have developed responsive MEAN Stack e-commerce websites for a variety of businesses using our Mean Stack Developers. We have dedicated developers that can help your business.

  • Web Development
    Web Development

    Our services also include innovative and scalable web application development. Our Mean Stack Developers make sure that the web application is secure and can be used effectively for the business.

  • ERP Development
    ERP Development

    Our focus is to build cost-effective, scalable and secure ERP using MEAN Stack. Our Mean Stack developers leverage their experience and provide the best possible solution.

  • Application Development
    Application Development

    You can hire Mean Stack Developers from Strivemindz who are determined to build customized and secure applications for any business industry.

Skill set of our Mean Stack Developers

To discuss your dream project, you can connect here with us.

  • Expertise in MEAN Stack

    Expertise in MEAN i.e., MongoDB, Express Js, Angular JS and Node JS

  • experience jQuery

    Working experience in PHP, jQuery, MySQL, Symfony, OOPs

  •  Database Management

    Skilled in efficient Database Management

  • AWS management

    Significant experience with cloud computing and AWS management

  • programming templates

    Proper understanding of programming templates and architecture design guidelines

Our Working Procedure

In order to hire Mean Stack Developers or Programmers from Strivemindz, just fill in the website form and you are good to go. You will have to fill small details like name, email address, contact number and service you are looking for. Our team will contact you for further details and information.

  • Submit Project Requirements

    When you fill in our website form, our team reaches out to you and then we discuss about details about the project. You can share your vision and idea for the project and how you want us to support you in it. In this way, we can get the exact specification of the project.

  • The hiring processes

    You can look through the resumes of our different Mean Stack Developers and select the one you want to work with. We always recommend the best developer to our customers as per their requirements.

  • Research and analysis

    Once we have finalized the contract, we get started on the project. We focus on indepth research and analysis of the project and your expectations from us. So that we can deliver the best project.

  • Development and testing

    All throughout the developing process we keep in touch with our clients so that we can get their insight into the project and make important changes. The project is built using the latest technological tools. After the completion of development process, the project is run through quality assurance tests and the bugs are removed (if any).

  • Future Support

    Even after the launch of the project, we are connected with our clients. And they can reach out to us if they need any kind of maintenance or assistance with the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our dedicated Mean Stack Developers have helped many global brands with our end-to-end solution. Our developers have expertise in PHP, jQuery, MySQL, Symfony and Oops. Also they are well experienced with the latest development technologies for the project.
The cost of development of a Mean Stack Project is basically dependent on the feature you want to include in the project. You can hire Mean Stack developers on hourly, weekly or monthly basis.
We always involve clients in the main circle of the project. You are updated with every detail of the progress of the project. We have developed an effective way of communicating seamlessly with our clients.
At Strivemindz, we have 50+ Mean Stack developers with years of experience. We have worked on several projects with different businesses over time. In addition, we have an impressive work record.

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