We at Strivemindz deliver exceptional Joomla development services blending in with latest technologies for the client as per their requirements. At Strivemindz, we get in with agile development atmosphere so that our in-house developers can work swiftly and efficiently. You can have complete control over the team and coordinate with them for the task smoothly.
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Our Services

The prime focus of the developer team is to deliver the best first-hand service to each and every client. At Strivemindz, we have well trained Joomla developers and programmers who can develop on-shore or off-shore (as per your requirement) Joomla projects that are friendly to your wallet as well. We are here to add quality to your business approach and functioning.

  • Joomla Website
    Joomla Website Development

    We have expertise in Joomla website development. Our team of professionals possesses a great combination of skills and experience, along with the latest technological tools to enhance your website. Working with our Joomla developers will add more flexibility to your website.

  • Joomla Theme
    Joomla Theme Customization

    Whether you want to build a bespoke, professional theme or you want to have a responsive theme for your customers, we are here to help. We ensure that all the Joomla themes are customized for your business. We cover all grounds from education, ecommerce to magazines, events and blogs etc.

  • Customization
    Component Customization

    Our Joomla developers have enough experience in customized developmentand we are ready to cover any extra ground to provide the best services to our clients. We create components customized to your demands.

  • Joomla Migration
    Joomla Migration Services

    If you need to upgrade any of your old projects, our Joomla developers can help you with it. We have easy migration services. You will get an upgraded project with intact styles and functionalities.

  • Joomla CMS Development
    Joomla CMS Development

    Our Joomla developers have the necessary skills to build a functional as well as attractive site on a CMS. You have full ownership of your project, and anything related to updating, deleting, editing or publishing content is run by you.

Skills Of Our Developers Team

  • Joomla designing

    Expertise in Joomla designing and integration

  • Joomla Content

    Exposure in Joomla Content Management System (CMS) development

  • develop themes

    Abilities to design and develop themes from scratch

  • JavaScript frameworks

    Great hold on JavaScript and its popular frameworks

  • Joomla plugin development

    Working experience of Joomla plugin development

  • Command on PHP

    Command on PHP

...and much more!

Hire Joomla Developers

Our Work Procedure

To hire Joomla developers or programmers from Strivemindz, just fill in the enquiry form on our website. You will then be guided through these detailed steps to complete the hiring process.

  • Inquiry
    Post an Inquiry and Get in touch

    Fill the contact form on our website with your simple details like name, email, contact number and the developers you require. Our team will then get in touch with you and you can let us know your requirement, niche and budget. If you have any pre-worked project file that needs upgradation, you can attach it to the form and send us.

  • planning-design
    Project and Assessment

    Our team will evaluate your needs and how we can help you achieve them, and we will discuss the further plan with you. We look through all the details and suggest the most suitable solutions so that all your needs can be fulfilled. And once you are satisfied with our plan of action we move to the next step.

  • development-testing
    Choose and close the deal

    You can choose from the number of developers we have, according to your needs and requirements and their expertise. Then we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with our client and then our team of Joomla developers start working on your project.

  • Development Process
    Development Process

    After the contract is signed our team starts working on the project. We cover everything from the basic framework to the launch of the actual project. The details of each and every step are shared with our clients, This is so that we have their feedback or insights about the project and finalize the method that will be used.

  • Maintenance
    Support and Maintenance

    We stick by our clients even after the launch of the project. If you run into any kind of problem or need assistance with maintenance of the project, give us a call and we will help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here at Strivemindz, we have more than 100 frontend developers who are certified and have years of experience in their specific fields. Our Joomla developers use an automation platform to review the codes. And we make sure that your project is built using latest technological tools. We deliver quality service to each of our clients.
Joomla is a highly secure platform and it offers several features that protect websites from any kind of cyber-attack.
Yes, we offer customized services. We know that different businesses have different requirements and one solution cannot fit all. So, we offer customized services to our clients based on their niches and requirements.
Customer privacy and security is our first priority. You have nothing to worry about. We also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with all our clients.

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