Our eCommerce Developers are focused on building custom websites with reliable features and secure gateways for your business. Our eCommerce Developers have expertise in development and they have first-hand experience with the latest technologies. Our team can develop a feature-rich eCommerce website or web application, that matches your visions.
We strangely work with you, to achieve the best possible results in less time. Our eCommerce development services would when meet with your motivation, will result in producing premium quality results which will eventually bring in profit as well as sales for the company.
Looking to establish yourself as a brand in the ecommerce market, then work with us too meet your dream. Connect here!!

ECommerce Website Development Services We Offer

We have a large list of services available from our end. Our main aim is to provide each and every customer with the best eCommerce website development services. We deliver impeccable results to clients as per their expectations by our eCommerce developers.

  • Custom eCommerce Web
    Custom eCommerce Web Development

    Our eCommerce Web developers provide custom eCommerce web development services. We create solutions that are specific to the customer and their demands. We offer the highest quality services and try to do justice to the exceptional vision of every individual client.

  • Shopping Cart Development
    Shopping Cart Development

    Our shopping cart solutions are meant to ease your customer’s job while shopping on the eCommerce website. From ordering to secure payment, we make sure that everything is functioning properly.

  • Secure Payments
    Integrating Secure Payments

    Secure payment gateways are a vital part of an eCommerce website. We know the importance of an easy and secure payment gateway. This is the reason why our eCommerce developers have created multiple payment gateways, so that it is easier for different users. You select the gateway you want for the website and we build it for you.

  • img
    Responsive eCommerce webSites

    Our eCommerce webSite developers can help you increase your potential revenue and traffic. The website developed by us is SEO friendly and it is built with features that allow customers to surf through it easily. It is also suitable for different devices.

  • eCommerce Migration
    eCommerce Migration Services

    If any client needs to migrate an eCommerce website to some upgraded framework, our eCommerce developers can help them reach their goal. Migrating your framework to an updated version will provide a quality experience for your clients.

Skills of our eCommerce Web Developer Team

  • Laravel PHP framework

    Expertise in PHP, Object-Oriented Programming PHP and Laravel PHP framework

  • schema design

    Working experience with SQL schema design

  • API design

    Proper understanding of REST API design, SOLID principles

  • skills

    Effective technical and problem-solving skills

  • PHP Unit

    Working experience with PHP Unit and PHP Spec

Why to work with us?

  • Solid Technical skills

    By providing the highest-quality digital solutions to our customers worldwide, we offer proprietary, innovative, and result-oriented eCommerce web development.

  • Experienced eCommerce Web developers

    Due to our extensive experience delivering Web applications, we consistently exceed your expectations.

  • Agile work methods

    Strivermindz implements agile working methodologies, which allow clients to have their say and be actively involved as their web products are customized and built.

  • Economical solutions

    Whether you are a small business, mid-sized company, or large organization, we at Strivermindz provide cost-effective eCommerce web development solutions and services.

  • Delivery on time

    In addition, we offer experienced off-shore eCommerce web developers capable of delivering high quality results at a low price without a single delay in all types of projects. And if we are delayed, we will notify you in advance

Our Hiring eCommerce developers Process

We have a systematic process for connecting and hiring. You can connect with us by filling in the website form, providing basic details such as name, email, contact number etc. Or you can just drop a message or mail and we will connect with you.

  • Scope of the eCommerce project

    After connecting with our team, you can share the details and expectations of your project. The detailed study of your idea will help us find the best high-end solution for the business. By this we can decide what are the important things that we’ll have to keep in consideration while building your eCommerce website.

  • Research and Analysis

    When we get detailed explanations about the idea and vision of the project, we move to research and analysis. Here we take a look at the multiple technologies available for the development of the website. If our eCommerce developers are not satisfied with any technology, that is scrapped off the book and we dig deeper.

  • Allocation of Resources

    Having chosen the technology, the team leader assigns the resources for a specific period of time to the project.

  • Development and Testing

    Once the prototype is designed, we start working on the development process. Every update about the eCommerce website is provided to our clients in meetings. All their insights and requirements are considered while making any further changes to the project. Before the completed project is delivered, it is tested to ensure that it is error-free and working properly.

  • Delivery and Support

    Even after the launch of the project, we assist and support our customers whenever they need our help.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several technologies that have a good position in the market for the development of eCommerce websites. We recommend Magneto to our customers. The technology offers customization, optimization, security, cross-sells, and upsells that are uncommon in other technologies.
The cost of development of an eCommerce website cannot be fixed. The cost generally depends on the technology used and the features that are added to the website. You can consult with our team expert for an exact evaluation of the cost of development.
To choose the right eCommerce platform for eCommerce business, you should see the ones that will fit best with your requirements. In addition to that you should also take care of pricing, integration, SEO friendliness, customer service and security.

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