Our Database Experts & Developers fulfil your needs by creating the best solutions to migrate,update and manage your computing tasks in an organised environment. With years of experience inthis field, we strive to offer perfection in our project solutions.
Our previous clients recommend us for any work in the same domain. We have a faith in buildinglong terms relations with our clients and provide them the best of services. Feedback section on ourwebsite, demesne our previous work lately. Our database development services are making us rankindigenous in the given sector and making us best fit for it.
Strivemindz is a best place to get you started with. Book your spot right now and get a call from us for further discussions.

Our Services

Our team majors in providing exclusive services to our customers including advanced techniques and equipment.

  • Database Programming
    Database Programming

    We at Strivemindz have the best team of database developers and programmers to provide you with the most secure and organised database for your business. We build and design databases as per our customer’s requirements which are highly scalable.

  • Database Services
    Database Reporting Services

    We at Strivemindz deploy database experts to implement reporting services using SQL Server and MySQL. It helps us to manage and operate our client’s records efficiently and accurately.

  • Database Optimization
    Database Tuning & Optimization

    We at Strivemindz offer the best database tuning and optimization techniques that can assist in implementing remedial engineering methods. Our database developers ensure that speed and steadiness of the system is improved substantially. We aim to eliminate all data integrity problems to provide a perfect error-free database system.

  • Database Migration
    Database Migration Services

    We at Strivemindz have certified database developers and programmers that are experienced in database migration from different type of database systems like SQL Server, MySQL and MongoDB. We handle all migration services with great expertise.

  • Application Integration
    Application Integration

    We at Strivemindz offer large scale integration to make your database smooth and efficient. Our team of developers integrate business applications, enterprise-to-enterprise systems, database processes, legacy and third-party systems with perfection.

  • Database Capacity
    Database Capacity Planning

    We at Strivemindz perform the task of database capacity planning for your database with the help of our skilled experts. We seek to deliver the best and finest solution to our clients.

Skills of our Development Team

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    Excellent working experience with the most impressive programming language- Kotlin.

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    Both time and cost-effective development.

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    A bug-free application with optimal code quality.

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    Remarkable experience with JAVA and its Libraries.

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    Thorough knowledge of MVC framework.

Our Work Procedure

Hiring Database Experts and Developers from StriveMindz is very easy. You can connect with us by filling in the website enquiry form. Our team member will walk you through the detailed explanation of hiring and work procedure.

  • Project Requirements

    As the part of first step, you will be required to share all the details of the project along with all your need/demands and requirements according to the niche of your business. This will help us decide the team that will work on your project.

  • Project Analysis

    We are determined to deliver you the highest quality database project. Our analysts look through the idea of the project as well as the vision of the client. And then they suggest the finest solution for developing the project.

  • Technological Framework

    Once the approach to the development process is finalized, we move over to this step. In this step, our database experts and developers decide which technological and development tools will work the effectively for the project.

  • Development and Quality assurance

    Our team starts working on the design and framework of the project as discussed above. Our clients are updated regularly about the process of the project and we get their input into it. After the development process is complete, the project is run through a few tests to ensure that it is error-free and runs smoothly.

  • Deployment and Maintenance

    The project is then handed over to the client for launch. Even after the launch, we stay connected with the clients to make sure that their technical difficulties are resolved

Frequently Asked Questions

At Strivemindz, customer privacy and data security are a top priority. We assure you complete safety of your data and promise the best hiring experience.
Database developers are determined in expanding the database by enhancing its functionality and accuracy. They are also concerned in improving database’s organisation and elimination of duplicity.
At Strivemindz we hire developers that have a proficient knowledge of SQL server operation. Moreover, it is of good advantage if the developer has academic skillsets like organisational skills and communication skills. We also give preference to developers who are well-experienced in problem solving and expertise in analytical skills.

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