Strivemindz provides a wide range of services, including software developers, programmers, coders, and consultants. From startups to large companies, Strivemindz has been a trusted partner.
Strivemindz offer services that are reliable and scalable moreover optimizable as per your needs and requirements. You can opt in the services as per your requirements keeping your budget andschedule in time. Let connect to get your prestigious project in working in no time with our most reliable and premium Cloud app development services.

Cloud App Develoment Services

We strive for enhanced operational efficiencies so our clients can run their businesses more efficiently. In addition, we provide access to advanced capabilities and innovations to stay competitive. We have gained extensive expertise in providing full-cycle our cloud app development services.

  • Azure Experts
    Azure Experts

    Our Cloud Experts manage, maintain, monitor and secure all Azure servers includes installations, upgrades, patches and documentation. Deliverable commitments and quality competences are fully our responsibility. We are experienced minds and we can help you with your needs.

  • AWS Experts
    AWS Experts

    Our AWS experts have helped many companies over time with their projects and business ideologies. We offer an open, flexible, agile and secure environment to work and thrive.

  • DevOps Services
    DevOps Expert Services

    Our DevOps Experts have a broad understanding of both development and operations that include coding. They can manage the software development process and boosts the productivity of other working people.

  • DevSecOps
    DevSecOps Expert Services

    DevSecOps experts provide solutions that are sustainable governance models. Give your customers a chance to experience business-aligned security services by hiring our DevSecOps experts.

  • Hybrid Cloud
    Hybrid Cloud

    Our Cloud Experts can also work with hybrid cloud technology. Hybrid cloud technology is a perfect blend of private and public cloud services. Hire our experts to build a cost-effective IT architecture.

Skillset of Our Cloud Experts

  • Kotlin services

    Work Experience with Kotlin

  • Java

    Experience of Java and its libraries

  • XML

    Deeper approach in XML, JSON and YAML

  • MVC

    Understanding of MVC framework

  • CMS development

    Knowledge and experience of CMS development

Our Work Procedure

You can choose any cloud expert from our pool of experts who are ready to help with whatever services you require. To register your service request, fill in the website form including basic details like name, email and contact number. Our team member will reach out to you with further details.

  • Project ideas

    Share the necessary details of your project and what you expect from our experts. As a result, we can plan ahead and provide you with the most appropriate solution.

  • Analysis

    We take a little time for analyzing the project to get a detailed idea of the project and its requirements. This enables us to find the right cloud expert to develop and help with your project according to your needs.

  • Development and testing

    The development process includes designing, framework and creation of the project. Our Cloud Experts provide you with the best solution that will be beneficial for your business. Before delivering the project, it has to pass a few Quality Assurance tests.

  • Delivery

    As soon as the project has been completed and has qualified all the tests, it is deliverd to the customer for launch. The project is built using the latest technological tools.

  • Support and Maintenance

    We keep in touch with our customers even after the delivery of the project. For support regarding technical issues or upgrading the project, you will have to contact us and we will be happy to assist.

  • Delivery and Support

    The project is delivered only after it is tested thoroughly and is fully functional for launch. We have a support and maintenance system that will guide you through any technical issues or any upgradation process (if necessary).

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to start within the first 24 hours. As soon as we close the deal by signing a work contract and NDA, we can begin working on your project.
We guarantee quality service and we have a record of delivering projects in a definite timeframe. We have worked with several start-ups and established brands who can vouch for our quality service.
At Strivemindz, we are a team of over 50 developers and experts and we are dedicated to helping our clients in any possible way. We have delivered over 500 projects and our developers and experts have more than 2 years’ experience.

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