Our experts are continually trained on all the latest technologies and features to ensure they provide flawless services. The 200+ successful projects delivered during the last 3 years and our industry experience sharpen our developer skills to create customized features. For all your web application development needs, we have you covered with innovative ideas and successful services.

BackboneJS Development Services

“A good product is nothing without a good team.”
Agreeing to the individuality of the thought set up by the statement. Strivemindz offers range of BackboneJS Development Services, that can help your idea turn into a thriving reality which can progress your company in a right direction. Our development services have an option to have sheer network of setting up a global space which can set up economic patterns to rule out the individual needs.
Our development services include range of options that can turn in the vitality of features for client to work on the project along with the team. Get a chance to talk with our team, and get quick feedback, on your requirements.

  • custom BackboneJS Maintenance
    Maintenance & Support

    Support and maintenance by our specialized team is delivered with end-to-end encryption techniques that ensure the security of your project. For all the latest updates that make your business grow in the market, our team stays in touch with you even after delivery of your order.

  • BackboneJS Development
    Testing & Quality Assurance

    Using the perfect blend of manual and automation techniques, we provide clients with solutions that are both cost-effective and run smoothly. Performing maintenance activities helps us to identify and eliminate risks to your business.

  • BackboneJS Apps
    Consultancy services for Backbone JS

    Strivemindz provides you with a solid foundation. The JS consulting service helps you to make advanced changes to your web application that boost your SEO and Google rankings.

  • BackboneJS App Migration
    Backbone.JS Custom Web Development

    Develop a customized service with Backbone JS using our developers. A team of experienced professionals makes it possible for us to deliver a product with exciting features.

  • BackboneJS Support Assurance
    Application Development with Backbone JS

    Utilizing the best solutions and optmised source codes, we develop feature rich applications. The result is a reduction in your product costs by up to 50%.

These unique features of our team set us apart from others:

Our BackboneJS developers are capable of building scalable, high-quality BackboneJS solutions for businesses of all types throughout the globe with the latest tools and technologies.

  • BackboneJS application

    Cost-free up-front

  • BackboneJS progress

    No lock-in contracts

  • BackboneJS programmers & developers

    Non-disclosure agreements

  •  BackboneJS testing application

    Adaptable Engagement Models

  •  BackboneJS On-demand app

    Rapid Onboarding

  • On-demand app

    Intellectual Property Protection

What makes us a good partner?

At Strivemindz, we have a team of experts dedicated to providing fast and seamless results for our clients.
We provide numerous benefits to help you get the best service possible

  • Effortless communication

    For any updates or feedback about your product, you are able to contact us through any platform. Moreover, a project manager gives you a daily report about the project.

  • Transparency and security

    Clients can work securely with Strivemindz. To ensure IP security, the client needs to sign the NDA. Furthermore, we encrypt your data from end to end, so that it is completely secure

  • Quality Without Compromise

    Each step is successfully completed by requesting client feedback to ensure their satisfaction.

  • Agility-driven

    Agile methodology is applied by Strivemindz to develop robust, seamless service with advanced features.

  • Developing Experts

    Our team of over 200 backbone js experts is constantly improving their skills as new technologies enter the market. As a further step, we organize training programs to help our experts better understand the needs of the industry.

Why our development process looks great?

Our hiring process provides clients with 4 simple steps to select the ideal developer for their project. Our website has a simple form where you can fill out your basic information.

  • Gathering requirements

    Following the completion of the form, our team will contact you to gather all the necessary details of your product, such as development methodology, project roadmap, and resource requirements.

  • Identify Your Need

    We analyze methodologies, tools, scope, existing documentation, delivery time, as well as other important concepts that facilitate the development of effective services.

  • Assembling a team

    The team, resources, and the time schedule are based on the analysis above.

  • NDA signature

    Upon finalizing each request, the client must sign the NDA, which guarantees confidentiality and ensures the security of IP.

  • Let's begin

    The hired BackboneJS developers are now ready to start their services after all hiring process steps have been successfully completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from finalizing the cost at the time of recruitment, you don't have to spend a penny more. We have different hiring models. You can hire Backbone JS developers on hourly, weekly or monthly basis.Apart from finalizing the cost at the time of recruitment, you don't have to spend a penny more. We have different hiring models. You can hire Backbone JS developers on hourly, weekly or monthly basis.
Worldwide, we have developers working on our projects. It is possible for you to pick a developer near to you based on your requirements.
We accept UPI payments on the last working day of each month. In addition, payment was requested after product delivery was satisfactory.
As part of our non-disclosure agreement, before we begin our project, we cover ownership, confidentiality, and IP rights, so you can be sure that your IP is protected.
We can communicate with our hired js developers using any video conferencing app, or social media application the client is comfortable using. Furthermore, every team is led by a project manager, whom you can reach out to for updates or feedback at any time.

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