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In today's era, healthcare & fitness is one of the fastest developing domains with numerous breakthrough innovations. The Healthcare is a sector that provides goods and services to treat patients with preventive or rehabilitative care.

We at Strivemindz understand that significant technology breakthroughs in Mobile and singnal technology have resulted in heavy rise for high-end Mobile products. To make client’s healthcare solutions more functional and managed, our dedicated expert developers work with the latest tools and technologies to build a desired solution.

We provide customized experience to your users by delivering high-quality custom solution. Our team of Quality Analytics assures for error less solution as they follow advanced testing methods to make solution's functionality work smoothly and easy.

Our Expertise

M-Health & Mobile Apps

In upliting healthcare & fitness sector, technology has played an important role with transparency. To make sinificant changes in healthcare & fitness sector, our innovative approaches and client-oriented solutions have helped hospital management, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturers of Medical equipment. As a leading healthcare custom mobile app development company, we use our experience to focus and develop an innovative solutions for the pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We have a team of expert developers, who have in-depth knowledge of this domain and dedicated to offering comprehensive and inimitable Healthcare custom solutions to keep clients forward. From online medical reports to medical technologies, our healthcare solution services are loaded with Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Technology that will make your services sustainable and remarkable.

RCM & Billing Solutions

For medical small businesses and enterprises, we develop intelligent and intuitive Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and sophisticated, yet simplified billing solutions that simply streamline the entire revenue cycle and billing management with advanced analytics and data management capabilities for the next level of management.

HIMS Softwares

For more than a decade, we have been developing completely customized and personalized Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) software development for hospitals and clinics to enhance their management of appointments, staff information, shift timings, billings, patient record, and other vital information.

Practice Management

Our medical software developers engineer technically sophisticated and intuitive practice management solutions for healthcare organizations to improve patient information management and streamline the overall workflow of healthcare providers while offering real-time and reliable analytics that keep everything a single glace away.

Patient Portal

Our dedicated health care software developers create technically advanced patient portals that are HIPAA compliant. We develop these patient portals for web and mobile platforms to streamlines the overall connection between health care service providers and the patients to reduce the time to receive medical services and increase productivity.

EMR / EHR / PHR Solutions

To enhance the medical services, we intelligently develop EMR, HER, and PHR software, and applications for web and mobile platforms for health care organizations like hospitals and clinics. These solutions independently keep the track of health information of the patients and make it easy to share the information for the medical treatment.

Pharmacy Management

We design and develop powerful and efficient pharmacy management software that are built according to all mandatory health compliance acts – FDA, HIPAA, USP, HL7, etc. These Softwares automate the entire process of inventory management, point of sale management, and advance analytics with profound reporting.

Telemedicine Solutions

At Strivemindz, we develop technically advanced but extremely user-friendly Telemedicine App and software that help customers to order medicine right from their smartphones. Additional features like prescription scanning and validation, live order tracking, e-prescription generation, etc. make our telemedicine mobile app a seamless experience for the patients.

Medical Kiosk Solutions

Kiosks are spreading in every consumer-oriented atmosphere to save time and increase engagement for the customers. At Strivemindz, we have significantly improved the current Medical Kiosk Software solution by making them more simple and intuitive while streamlining the process of information delivery, and payment, etc.

LIMS solutions

We offer exceptional Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) solutions while incorporating cloud computing technology and IoT for uninterrupted remote workflow management and work collaboration. We integrate ELN and SDMS in the system with maximum customizability for making laboratory information management the most efficient.

Medical Billing & Claim Management

Our automated and extremely scalable medical billing and insurance claim management software and portals enable health care organizations to seamlessly manage medical bill generation, data management, insurance validation & claim procedures at a single platform that helps to save time and efforts.

Healthcare IoT & Wearables

We integrate technological innovation to transform the medical industry. By incorporating the Internet of Things (IoT) in the medical infrastructure, we encourage connectivity, remote accessibility, smart hardware integration, etc. to foster efficient and productive workflow management. Whereas, our wearable development solutions provide live health information, store that information for medical purposes, and offer many more utilities.

Healthcare Cloud Services

From appointment booking to workflow management, our dedicated healthcare cloud services make the entire healthcare work operations automated, more profound, remotely accessible, extremely efficient, and time-saving. Our cloud-based development solutions target all complexities of healthcare organizations to significantly minimize them.

Healthcare Blockchain

For secure and fast medical organizational operations, we offer end-to-end healthcare Blockchain services. We provide healthcare Blockchain consultancy services, strategy formation, implementation, integration, and custom Blockchain development solutions that simply revamp the entire business model for healthcare organizations.

Healthcare CRM

We enable healthcare organizations to manage their patient information, staff data, patient follow-ups, and many more relational tasks with the help of our versatile healthcare CRM development solutions that also allow organizations to manage and analyze their marketing strategies and make better data-based decisions.

HIPAA, HL7 & Other Compliances

Strivemindz has been providing exceptional healthcare software, application, and portal development services for more than a decade now. We develop our every digital product and solutions according to all mandatory medical and health compliances like HIPAA, HL7, USP, FDA, and many more to ensure a seamless experience.

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Strivemindz Advantage

Accessible Solutions

Our development and designing experts brilliantly alleviate the business challenges and put the technology to the best use that is uncomplicated and straight forward.

Personalized to the Core

We build, develop, and design web & mobile apps that are custom made only for one’s specific goals to gain optimal outcomes in all your endeavours.

Substantial Degree of Support

strivemindz leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing absolute and relentless client support to embellish their overall experience.

Multichannel Approach

Our multichannel approach facilitates businesses to stretch their wings everywhere irrespective of any device platforms (Android, iOS, AR/VR, IoT, etc.)

Extensive Adaptiveness

We understand growth and alterations are extremely essential for your business. Therefore, we offer your company solutions that accommodate to changes very smoothly.

New Age Technology

We have always been prepared to tackle your next idea or vision with our new age technologies – AR/VR, blockchain, cloud computing, IoT, AI, etc.

High-Quality Evaluation

By collaborating with us, you are assured of the world-class quality of digital products you receive. You can blindly trust and have faith in the solutions we provide for the betterment of your company.

Infrastructural Security

At strivemindz, we leverage only verified and trusted tools and security assents so that you can proliferate your business without concern for safety issues.

Mobile apps spanning a range of industries

Our team majors in providing an exclusive wide range of industry verticals and niches. Always keep in mind to consider strivemindz if you ever come down to build an application as it is the best suitable match for you. We offer all possible techniques and equipment including advanced App Development Solutions for all of your development needs. We understand every company’s troubles thoroughly and are therefore geared towards the flourishing success of your products.

Innovative Technologies

We layout a strong and efficient foundation for cognitive business by working with rapidly evolving complex technologies and everyday growing business environment to offer an excellent project performance.


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