Shift Your Brick-and-Mortar Grocery Store to a Mobile Platform

There was a time when people used to actually make list for their daily essentials and would go out for grocery shopping in marketplace. But now with changing times, when everything is available at fingertips, people prefer saving their time and shop online. Online shopping platforms and doorstep delivery, grocery shopping has become easier and efficient. Grocery app development can be the next field that has the potential to transform people’s day to day grocery shopping.

According to the stats, nowadays the number of downloads for grocery shopping app has been increasing drastically. People are turning towards online shopping medium. This has given rise to the demand for online grocery shopping. To cope up with the coming reform the grocery store managers are trying their best to shift the traditional business stores to an online medium. This is a good way to catch up with the trend and also make enough profit out of it.

At Strivemindz we are trying our best to give you the required support and help to grow your business on online platform.

Grow Your Grocery Business with
Our Innovative Grocery App Development Solutions

Online platform might be very tricky if you are new to it. We are here to help and support you in every possible way, if you are planning to take your grocery business online. It will allow you to thrive better and explore more with your ideas. We can provide you with an assortment of highly skilled app developers who will provide you customized app as per your need. We are quite experienced, and have given quality apps with unique features to our previous clients. Our developed apps are fully updated with all the new top features and we focus on providing the best to our clients so that they can give the quality experience to their consumers.

Grocery shopping apps will help customers to get quality service and experience in just a few clicks. People can buy grocery from their homes on their fingertips. We totally believe in customer satisfaction and he have had fully satisfied customers over the years with our service.


We Create Grocery Apps for All Grocery Business Models

Strivemindz can provide you with the type of service that you want. We have plans from basic grocery delivery apps to customized as per clients need mobile apps. We give our best grocery app development solution to all the grocery store owners that are trying to move their business online. Our apps are best fitted for single grocery store, wholesalers, managers and aggregators. You can choose the service you need. We are all geared up to match your business ideas and bring an app that will be the best for you and your customers.

Single Grocery Store

You can sell your grocery goods directly to the local shoppers through the App and spread your business on bigger scale.

Grocery Market Place

We are here to support the small business and startups, with the apps that are already build and established in the market. You can sell your good on established apps like Grofers, BigBasket, Instacart for online grocery shopping.

Grocery Chain

It provides a manual platform to deliver a doorstep grocery to every customer. This chain is connected to every grocery store around you. The management requires only a broadband connection and PC to supervise everything from single panel.

Event Insights

Being an owner of a company, what matters the most to you is Customer Feedback.This feature can help you get feedback from the user and help you boost your company’s value in the market.

We Build Feature-rich On-demand Grocery App Development Solutions

We offer best quality On-demand grocery delivery app development solutions that will help you grow your business and bring it on bigger scale. We provide with certain inbuilt features that will ease your and the customers way throughout the process.


Native Apps

Our Apps are suitable for both Android and iOS phones to provide the best service to our users.


Easy Onboarding

Customers can use email id or any other social logins to sign up directly in our app.


Browse Products

Our app provides the detailed description about the food and grocery products that are available in our inventory. Customers can choose from that variety of products.


Multiple Payment Options

We have multiple payment options that allows the customers to pay the way they want to. Some of the major payment sources are already inbuilt in this app.

tracking order

Order tracking

We have inbuilt feature of live tracking and notifications that will help you to track your order. And notify about the updated status of the order.


Schedule Delivery

We provide the feature of choosing the delivery time as per their convenience.



We have the order list saved in customers history, so they can reorder their previous order in no time.


Push Notifications

We send the updated notification about special deals, price drops, order status, and other important updates.

  offe secttion

Offer Section

Our app has a specific section that will allow the customers to browse through latest deals and discount offers.

  profile mange

Manage Settings

Customer can manage their profile, address, payment detail and notification settings.


Feedback & Ratings

Customers can give ratings and feedback about their experience of shopping on the app and your business.



You can control all the features of your business from this one dashboard.


Manage Stores

If you have multiple stores, we have got you covered. Through our app you can manage all your stores from one single app.


Assign Managers

In order to have better store management, you can simply assign more managers through the app.


Assign Orders

Our app allows you to easily assign orders to your stores manually or automatically.

tracking order

Track Orders

As the owner of the business, you can also track and know the updates on the placed orders.


Manage Customers

You can easily view and manage your registered customers through our app.


Manage Payments

Our app allows you to register your payment details and then you can receive payments through the sales.


Manage Offers

You can create new offers, deals and discounts for your customers.


Manage Feedback

You can know more about your delivery service and product quality, if you are interested in knowing the feedback from your customers.

push notification

Manage Notifications

You can send push notifications, email and SMS alert for customers and also for store managers through our app.


Reporting & Analytics

You can through insights and analytics to see the position, ups and downs of your grocery business.


Manage Listings

You can create listings, add any new product, change or add price, quantity, and other details with the help our app.

find store

Find Stores

If any customer wants to know the location, they can do it easily with the help of our app.

store locatr

Store Locator

Your customers can easily discover stores near them through the map provided.


Store Pickup

We facilitate your customers by providing the option of store pickup from any store nearby.


Website Ordering

You can allow the customers to buy products through our online web store.

customer support

Customer Support

Easily resolve the queries and doubts of your customer by using the customer support system.

user interface

Inventory Management

We have an integrated inventory management system. You can manage the products of your grocery delivery with the help of it.

change location

Change Location Options

We have the option that allows customers to change their location when they are travelling.


Logistics Integration

You can strengthen your grocery delivery with the help of third-party logistics integration.

user interface

Dedicated User Interface

We provide the store managers with a dedicated user interface so that they can manage all orders efficiently.

ecommerce outsourcing

Order Notifications

You will also get a new notification every time an order is placed.


Dispatch Order

Store managers can easily dispatch the order from store and update about it on the app.

tracking order

Order Status & Tracking

You have the facility to track every order after they are placed till, they are delivered.


Manage Store Inventory

Store managers can easily keep a track of their store inventory and pricing of the products.

Are You Ready to Boost Your Grocery Business with an Intuitive Grocery App?

Why you should work with us?

We can help you find the perfect help and partner for your grocery delivery service.

  • We provide you with an easily accessible user interface so that your customers can use it with ease.
  • Put your goals at our top priority.
  • Can customize the app according your needs and demands.
  • Provide you with inbuilt feature that has several popular payment methods.
  • Allow you to access the app and know customers requirement through admin panel.
  • Provide you a link with popular apps in this field.
  • The developed app can be accessible for all type of small or big business .
  • Can help you increase your brand value.
  • Helps in reaching out to bigger audience.
  • We have expertise in building apps for users in the past so we understand your requirements better and can help you accordingly.

What Makes Us Renowned in Grocery App Development Solutions

We have provided several successful grocery delivery apps to our client in the past and have maintained a !00% track record of full customer satisfaction. We primely focus on the demand of our customers and work as per their requirements.

So, if you are looking for a grocery shopping that will help you thrive your business? We can be your perfect digital partner.

White Label Grocery Apps

You can have a customized app that totally promotes your business and adds brand value to it. You can choose specified features that are in accordance with your brand.

Cost-effective App Solutions

We provide you a cost-effective app solution that saves your money and time. With the help of us you can start your business frame in shortest time period.

Multi-model App solutions

We can create any type of customized grocery app whether it has to be single store, marketplaces, or multi-vendor business.

Third-party Integrations

We have the features that can help you increase the effectiveness of your grocery app development. We have integrating third-party inventory management software, logistics and more.

Global Reach

We are linked with top apps in this field like Grofers and Instacart grocery app and with this you can easily reach to the global audience.

Multiple Payment Integration

We have inbuilt support for popular payment gateways so that customers can easily deal with the payment.

State-of-the-art Technology

We provide you with a sturdy app that will allow you to grow and heighten your business.

User Friendly

We have a user-friendly interface so that user can access the app easily.

Quick Launch

We offer with pre-built grocery app solution which will allow you to launch your app as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Development of any app depends on various factors. It basically depends on the requirement of the customer. It depends on your target audience, the features you need, the links up with other brands and third-party integrations. If you opt for the best service, you will have to pay more comparatively. But it is still cost effective and we have tried to cut edges at all the possible places.
According to certain reports, it is estimated nearly 30 million people will opt online grocery shopping by 2022. That is a huge number. So, investing in this field can give you the required turnout. Doorstep Delivery services eases the customers hassle and lets them put their trust in apps. Online platforms are gaining immense popularity with time so, this platform will also have the same advantages in the future.
We try to provide app that will be suitable for any type of business owners. We have plans to for all the business owners. You can choose the plan as per your need starting from single grocery store, wholesalers, managers and aggregators. If you are just a beginner, you can opt for our basic plan and we will help you thrive.

Innovative Technologies

We layout a strong and efficient foundation for cognitive business by working with rapidly evolving complex technologies and everyday growing business environment to offer an excellent project performance.


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