Live chat & instant messages what you prefer for more frequent group chat

We at Strivemindz believes that instant messaging is one of the most efficient ways to communicate besides face-to-face conversation. Typing and sending a quick message, getting short reply or perhaps a single emoji, and get back to your work. There’s nothing complicated or time-consuming. We can deliver the best mobile app Development Solutions in simple and complex applications with a team of chat application developers.

When it comes to chatting app, it will require an unique experience and interface be it is a web, mobile, IoT, wearable or on any other device. We develop a messaging or a chatting app like Whatsappp, Viber, etc to fulfill the need of either start up business or well established enterprise. Our experienced developers can help you with a custom scalable and well hosted chatting app for internal as well as external communications.

  • Enterprise Collaboration

  • Instant Messaging

  • Multimedia Sharing

  • Social Chat

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