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We at Strivemindz believes that the automobile is a broad market of the industry that will never be out of trend. Various automotive developing firms are using automation technology to automate the working flow. To beat your competitor or to gain a recognized designation in this heavy competitive market, you need the support of a self capable technology partner who can work with your requirements. Strivemindz is a leading automotive web and application development company that works on the concept of various latest technologies.

Our Automobile app development services are based on the running trends, while automotive custom development solutions will meet your business needs. We builds a complete range of user-friendly automotive IT solutions from industry from operations to dealership management system. We have build a strong culture of developing new technologies and automotive trends to build future safe automotive industry custom solutions for business.

Our Expertise

Dealer Management Systems (DMS)

Now take your traditional dealer management to the next level of technology. Now manage your dealers in one click on your mobile, laptops, systems from anywhere anytime.

New & Pre-owned Car Buy-Sell Marketplace

At Strivemindz we understand that it used to be quite difficult for the sellers to hit an excellent connection with his ideal buyer in the locality. But the smartphone technologies has brought about a drastic change in this pattern. And if someone is among the inspiring brains that want to snatch the opportunity just as it arrives, exactly like what Uber's competitors did after Uber became a phenomenon, then this place serve them exactly what they need. We develop a perfect market place to buy or sell new or pre-owned car.

Automotive Part Marketplace

Starting a business is a lot like starting an engine: you need the right framework, fuel and a spark. Strivemindz develops a complete auto parts ecommerce website builder, you’ll have access to everything you need to sell to the thousands of people who come to the web to equip their cars with new parts. Target the worldwide automotive audience, today, with Strivemindz’s easy-to-use, innovative platform and ready-to-use auto parts ecommerce templates.

Automotive Lease and Contract Solution

Manage your automotive leasing and contracs efficiently with all-in-one auto leasing software. Increase front office productivity by providing quick quotations, prepare a quote for a customer over the telephone using pre-set conditions in the system and the user-friendly self-explanatory system interface, automate your leasing processes and expand your business.

Automotive Insurance Solution

We develop smart and intuitive automotive insurance web and mobile application solutions that seamlessly streamline the process of automotive insurance plan comparison and insurance purchase, and claim as well. With these feature-rich platforms, the insurance process becomes more simplified and easy.

Enterprise Fleet Management Solution

Manage Costs Effectively and Gain Visibility Into Fleet Operations Replace spreadsheets and paper with a centralized mobile fleet management solution designed to make your work easier. Fully optimize your fleet by giving fleet managers, drivers, technicians, parts managers, and other personnel access to the tools and information they need.

Automotive Rental Solutions (Uber, Lyft)

Fast and Easy way to Manage your Car Rental Website Reservation System and Software with Strivemindz. Now both your car rental business and your website can run smoothly, by accepting online reservations and managing your entire fleet, all from one single control panel. By offering a highly-customizable booking system and software, your customers will be able to get exact quotes, see vehicle availability, and make online reservations from your website, with just a few clicks.

Enterprise Garage Management Solutions

Tires, wheels, services e-commerce - Every tire dealer needs a website to connect with buyers researching online. Strivemindz is the easy way to put your tire business on the web. Strivemindz provided every feature we were looking for in a website. Better yet, it provided features we didn’t know we needed, but proved just as important. The best feature? The people continue to work on marketing our website, creating advertising campaigns, getting involved in social networks, optimizing search engine results, and doing everything they can to drive consumers to our website.”

Spider Trading Platform Import-Export Vehicle Solution

Our powerful spider trading platform for web and mobile platforms allows a customer to use Spidering for trading new and preowned cars from not only locality but also from other countries as well. With the help of this platform, traders can feature their list of cars and their data, and customers can explore a myriad of car lists to select, compare, & buy.

Automotive Distribution Solutions

Not only the modern but also the future automotive distribution systems can rely on our innovative approach that leverages futuristic technologies to automate the automotive distribution system to streamline the entire cataloging, ordering, integration, and tracking processes with warehouse management, CRM, CMS, and price management, etc.

On-board Diagnostic (OBD) Application

Our reliable on-board diagnostic (OBD) applications provide vital vehicle health information based on the data received from multiple compliance protocols to the users for maintenance and monitoring. The real-time dashboard shows essential data like driving style, speed, GPS tracking, air conditioning, braking, etc.

B2B2C Parts Ordering Platform

For a comprehensive B2B2C parts ordering platform, we design and craft such a platform that simply redefines the conventional parts ordering platforms of current market trends. We leverage the latest technologies like AR, VR, and IoT to transform the parts ordering experience for once and for all. Therefore, we are committed to delivering solutions for the future.

Tires, Wheels and Service e-Commerce

Tires, wheels and service e-commerce is a fulfilling market. We develop diverse and powerful tires, wheels and service e-commerce platforms that seamlessly make services like booking an appointment for inspection, maintenance, and repair, and lets the user buy tires and wheel on the go. We incorporate advanced technologies like AR to enhance the user experience.

AR, VR, IOT Solutions

Incorporating augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and the Internet of Things (IoT) make our automotive development solutions ready for not only the current but also for the future market needs as well. We provide these bespoke solutions to automotive enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, and start-ups to induce productivity and efficiency.

Mechanic Tablet Solution

Our technologically advanced mechanic tablet solutions help mechanics to streamline their vehicle repair and maintenance schedules, remote workflow management, garage inventory information tracking, automatic vehicle health check-up, automatic bill generation, etc. In addition, the mechanics and many more services on a tablet interface.

Car Damage and Glass Repair Solution

Our remarkably efficient car damage and glass repair solutions allow book damage and repair services on the go. On the other hand, we design such solutions for multiple platforms like web, smartphones, and tablets to take availability and accessibility to the next level. These solutions are designed to connect multiple garages on one platform to offer their services easily.

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Strivemindz Advantage

Accessible Solutions

Our development and designing experts brilliantly alleviate the business challenges and put the technology to the best use that is uncomplicated and straight forward.

Personalized to the Core

We build, develop, and design web & mobile apps that are custom made only for one’s specific goals to gain optimal outcomes in all your endeavours.

Substantial Degree of Support

strivemindz leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing absolute and relentless client support to embellish their overall experience.

Multichannel Approach

Our multichannel approach facilitates businesses to stretch their wings everywhere irrespective of any device platforms (Android, iOS, AR/VR, IoT, etc.)

Extensive Adaptiveness

We understand growth and alterations are extremely essential for your business. Therefore, we offer your company solutions that accommodate to changes very smoothly.

New Age Technology

We have always been prepared to tackle your next idea or vision with our new age technologies – AR/VR, blockchain, cloud computing, IoT, AI, etc.

High-Quality Evaluation

By collaborating with us, you are assured of the world-class quality of digital products you receive. You can blindly trust and have faith in the solutions we provide for the betterment of your company.

Infrastructural Security

At strivemindz, we leverage only verified and trusted tools and security assents so that you can proliferate your business without concern for safety issues.

Mobile apps spanning a range of industries

Our team majors in providing an exclusive wide range of industry verticals and niches. Always keep in mind to consider strivemindz if you ever come down to build an application as it is the best suitable match for you. We offer all possible techniques and equipment including advanced App Development Solutions for all of your development needs. We understand every company’s troubles thoroughly and are therefore geared towards the flourishing success of your products.

Innovative Technologies

We layout a strong and efficient foundation for cognitive business by working with rapidly evolving complex technologies and everyday growing business environment to offer an excellent project performance.


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